August 20th, 2007

Bridge Column

                   THE GREEDY OVERTRICK (III)

                       by Stephen Rzewski

       vul: none         

                           ♠ Q109652
                           ♥ A82
                           ♦ 84
                           ♣ A2


                           ♠ AK743
                           ♥ 6
                           ♦ A9653
                           ♣ 54

         bidding:   S     W     N     E
                   1♠    4♥    4♠ (all pass)

                    opening lead: ♥K  

     Today's deal, from a local club game, once again
illustrates our repeated theme: the contract appears to
be normal and will make easily, with just two apparent
losers.  Not one to settle for a tired average of +450,
can you delve more deeply and find the path to +480,
earning yourself a top in the process?  Trumps are 2-0,
with West being void.  Plan the play.


     The complete deal:

                          ♠ Q109652
                          ♥ A82
                          ♦ 84
                          ♣ A2

             ♠ -----                  ♠ J8
             ♥ KQJ10973               ♥ 54
             ♦ J7                     ♦ KQ102
             ♣ KQ108                  ♣ J9863

                         ♠ AK743
                         ♥ 6
                         ♦ A9653
                         ♣ 54

     For some reason, even many experienced players seem
to have a blind spot when it comes to the possibility of
setting up a long-suit winner.  Having escaped a club lead,
you have the opportunity to establish your 5th diamond for
a club discard from dummy, as long as the diamonds split no
worse than 4-2.

     Win the ace of hearts, draw two rounds of trumps, leaving
one high trump in your hand, then duck a diamond.  If a heart
is returned, ruff in your hand, play the ace and another diamond,
ruffing in dummy.  When West shows out, ruff dummy's last heart
to get back to your hand for a 4th diamond play, again ruffing
in dummy, and establishing the long diamond in your hand.  Now 
lead a trump to your ace, play your last diamond and discard
dummy's small club, scoring up 12 tricks.